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Sunday, November 8, 2009


The Kitty Acting Troupe: The tiger-striped, Beauty. The orange, Leo. The gray, Isis.

Maia: Well, I'm back again. Back to writing too much. Much too much. But, I have to say, I just read my friend Madi's blog and I love her idea. Madi, thank you, I hope I'm not being too much of a copycat.

The Kitty Acting Troupe
Leo, playing himself
Isis, playing herself
Beauty, playing herself

Copycat: The Life of My Kitties
Isis [waking up]: Hey, Leo, you awake? You'd better be.
Leo: Yeah. I guess I'm awake. [yawns]
Isis: Well, if you are awake, then help me wake up Maia! She has to play with us.
Leo: Why don't we wake up that fat cat, the one who hisses?
Isis [with an English accent]: Hmm, I say, that is a brilliant idea.
Leo: Great!
[they paw at the closed door until it opens just enough for them to slip out]
Leo: Now, where's Fat Cat?
Isis: I dunno. Leo, I'm starting to get a little scared. Fat Cat is so much bigger than us. Sometimes she's kinda mean, you know.
Leo: It's alright, Maia will protect us.
Isis: Uh, yeah, that's the problem. Maia's asleep.
Leo: Oh, right. But think--if we play a trick on Fat Cat, then we could become the rulers of the world!
Isis: Oh, cool!
Leo: See? Now let's find her.
Isis: I'll check in the room across the hall--Maia's Mommy and Daddy's room.
Leo: K. I'll check in the bathroom.
Leo and Isis: Move! Hut, two, three, four! Hut!
Isis [in Maia's parents' room]: Leo! Mission accomplished! She's sleepin' in between the two people!
Leo [running in]: Sweet!
Isis: How do we play a trick on her?
Leo: I dunno yet. Let's start by waking her up.
Isis: Got it.
[they walk up to the sleeping Beauty]
Leo and Isis: Wake up, Fat Cat!
Beauty [half asleep]: Food?
Isis: She wants to eat us! Plan B! Plan B! Retreat!
[they run to the door]
Isis: What are we supposed to do? She wants to eat us!
Leo: Um, you could play with her tail to wake her up and I'll distract her.
Isis: You sure it will work?
Leo: Yes. Move!
[they march back]
Isis [playing with Beauty's tail, whispering]: This will work, this will work.
Leo: Hey, Fat Cat! Over here!
Beauty [groggy, but awake]: Food?
Leo: Don't eat me, oh Great One! I am not a sacrificial meal, I am your servant.
Beauty [alert]: Food?
Leo: Hmm. You know, I like food, too. Isis, retreat! Let's wake up Maia, and make her feed us. Fat Cat is right, very right.
Isis: But what about becoming rulers of the world?
Leo: Let's save that for a rainy day. C'mon.
Isis: K.
Beauty: Food?
The End

Maia: Applause for the Kitty Acting Troupe, please, applause!
[applause, bows]
Everyone: THANK YOU!
Isis: Thank you!
Leo: No, thank you!
Beauty: Thank...food?

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  1. That was great but that better be it..... foooooooood !#$%^& (not bad word, but laugh)
    Fuuuuuuuuunny so funny