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Saturday, November 21, 2009

the facts of life

“I want shields for the innocent,
Strength for the small,
I would like hope for the weary,
And love for us all.
If we can’t see past our differences,
Hide them from sight,
So there will be peace for the children
On this Holiday night.” 

           —The song “Gifts for the World”
Our world is so beautiful, such a wonderful place, so full of sadness. War. Suffering. When I look back on our history, it makes me cry. All we need are
And Woven Hope

Woven Hope

Cherished by your soul
The last to die
A candle
Flickering on
Hidden away
Until it is needed
When the fire comes
When the loved ones
Are gone
That spark
Still burns within you
The music of rage
Mingle with the tears
Of what is to come
Holding on to
The last of painful memories
Searching inside
For that tug
That pull of the loom
Weaving into you
What saves you
From your fears
As you sleep
Your dreams find you
Your last
Woven hope

I have a challenge for you.
Put all you can into making your life and the lives of those around you more beautiful.
Laugh. Love. Give.
Live life to the fullest—there’s only this, only here, only now.
Find your own woven hope.
Tell the truth, tell others.


  1. Maia: You gonna do it?
    Readers: YES!
    Maia: Okay, then comment. Email me. Tell me how it went.

  2. a girl who's about your age who loves your blog. :-)December 11, 2009 at 5:23 PM

    i really like your blog. :-)
    your poetry really really rocks!! i have a blog too... would you check it out? kenzyistotallyawesome.blogspot.com
    ummm... i know this is kinda weird... for me to just ask you to go to my blog. totally random. working on trying not to be not totally odd, random, weird, confusing, and milkshake-obsessed...... um... yeah? you probably think i'm a crazy psycho-maniac stalker person. i'm not! well.......... yeah.