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Saturday, November 28, 2009

live, eat, give thanks

Living Gratitude
Helped and cherished
Loved and cared for
Songs and family
And friends
And those who you don’t know
Those who show up
And disappear
Those who know you
Those who feel you
Who see you
For who you are
The ones that are there
In the night
Hovering in and
Of your dreaming
This is Life
Life who cares
Life who loves
Life who knows you and sees you
Life is the one on our table
Life is why we hold our heads high
Life is you
And all you are
And all you can be
And we save this day
This day of feast
To rejoice
To celebrate
To give gratitude
To life
To give thanks
And remember
To find friends
To see loved ones
Eat and tell
The stories of the past
The love that is there
That love
Is life
Live it