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Sunday, November 15, 2009

the martians are coming!

Announcer: This holiday season, the Martians will be coming to your very own school!
Person: Run for your lives!
Person: Help...[faints]
Kelsey: I'll attempt to recount the day.
The Day I Met an Alien
Dear Diary,
This would be the day that I met several aliens:
I get out of bed, rubbing my eyes. What a strange dream, I think. I dreamt that my teachers actually turned into aliens. How strange. I mean, I know there are lots of kids who think their teachers are aliens, but I'm so not one of them. I'm a really smart kid, and I love school and all my teachers. When I grow up, I even want to be a math teacher. So why I had a dream like that, I don't know.
The yellow school bus screeches at my stop. With my bag slung over my shoulder, and my lunch box swinging from my palm, I get on the bus. Everything seems normal. Perfectly normal. I forget my dream almost automatically, sitting next to my best friend, Jo-Ann.
Jo-Ann looks frightened. Her face has a greenish tint to it and her long, thin mouth is folded into a large frown. "What's wrong?" I ask. She starts shaking and tells me that she went to sleep on the bus and had a terrible dream. It was about our teachers becoming gruesome aliens. I remember my dream last night. I don't tell Jo-Ann, but I wonder.
When the bus stops at school, everyone gets off slowly and mills about, not like the usual stampede. I look around and everyone seems sick. So, I ask why. They tell me that they all had a nightmare about some of the worst aliens they had ever imagined becoming their teachers. "Math teacher...was green, pimply monster...purple snakes in her hair...like Me-Me-Medusa," answered a short boy named Roger in a very shaky voice.
"Mr. Giddy," our science teacher, "was dressed like Elvis Presley. He had pink hair and blue teeth. Hi voice sounded like rocks falling on your head, and gave you a headache that hurt just as much," said a girl called Veronica, shuddering. Now I am truly getting sacred. Why would everyone have this weird dream?
I learn why when we all go to homeroom. The second me classmates and I walk in, we scream in horror.

Wow, I love the satisfaction of leaving you hanging. (Evil laugh)