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Monday, November 16, 2009

more on mars

Sick today. This time, though, it's more than...
Sore throat. Ackkk! Igg! Mumble.
I'm sure you want to know what happened at school. The aliens, you know. Ha-ha. I can stall for as long as I want. Hee-hee. (I get either really evil or sweet like honey when I'm sick, now I'm evil. Mwa-ha-ha-ha!)

Oh!! My house smells so good! My housemate loves to cook. He just made chocolate-chip cookies. They smell really good, although I haven't tried them yet. Yummy!

Fine. I feel your pain. I'll start just about where I left off.

The Day I Met an Alien...
...I learn why when we all go to Homeroom. The second my classmates and I walk in, we scream in horror. Our Homeroom teacher, Mrs. Sesber, is a very sweet and nice old lady. Now, her skin is blue, and snow white gills, too bright to look at, flap from her ears like a fish. She also wears an outfit like someone in private school twenty years ago. Apparently, she thinks we all should, too. Mrs. Sesber (if I can even call her that) starts lecturing and yelling at us in a high, squeaky voice like a mouse shouting at the top of its lungs, unpleasantly, except louder. It's not pretty. For the entire fifteen minutes of Homeroom, my class cowers in our seats. Some cover their ears, while others scream themselves, although they do it with terror.
When we can finally leave that room, we all rush to the principal's office an knock on her door to tell he that an alien is in the school. She walks out, and we forget our message and run away. Our principal is an alien, too! We barely had time to look at her, but I think one glance at her warty, pink, fingernails told us the truth.
After that, we mill about in the hall, too afraid to go to Science, our next class. I am reading a book when Jo-Ann suddenly shouts, at the same time that the bell rings for us to switch classes, "Kelsey, RUN!" I look up automatically and see another alien. This one isn't scary, though. She has a normal skin tone, but I can tell it has a tint of green. Her lavender hair is piled on her head in a fancy bun. She wears a 60's yellow prom dress, which looks amazing on her. Before she even tells us our name, I recognize this as my favorite teacher, our Math teacher. He name is Mrs. Elsie, and she is so nice. She walks up to us and says,
"You are late for Math, children. I will explain everything to you there." She walks toward our Math class and we obediently follow her, hypnotized, until we get to the room. When we sit down she does explain everything.
"Children, this is why all your teachers are looking and acting so different today. They are really and truly aliens. You are really and truly aliens, I am really an alien, they are really aliens, but I will explain this in detail soo--"
"Yes, I knew it!!" shouts a boy named Harold, and we all laugh.
Mrs. Elsie chuckles, then continues, "I'll explain it soon. Your teachers have just chosen to show you our true forms. We should have warned you, but do not get scared, we will all be normal tomorrow, we just wanted you to know. Now, who knows what 235 multiplied by 6 is?" I raise my hand immediately.
The teachers all become their human selves again the next day. We have a wonderful day, and life goes on, but we all know a little secret.
Happy ending! So sweet! Now I'm going to get one of those cookies.


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