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Thursday, November 12, 2009

november frost-flu

"Doctor, Doctor, I'm sick! Sick of the cold. today I had to run around to keep myself warm."
"Doctor, Doctor, I'm sick! Sick of sickness. Everyone has a cold. Everyone has the flu."
"Doctor, Doctor, what do I have? How am I sick?"
"Well, you have a serious case of...


Any of you out there have...


too? Too cold! Too freezing!
I had some yummy gingerbread today, though. Alana made it. Speaking of Alana, read her blog. Her gingerbread is so good, that it's a remedy for the incurable...


If you're on of the daring people who wants to bake only the best gingerbread of all time, the most phenomenal gingerbread, I'm sure the recipe will be here soon:
Try the yummyness.
By the way, if you do have...


but you don't want to or don't like to bake the most wonderful gingerbread ever, then this will help cheer you up.
O, Spring-eo! O, Spring-eo! Where for art thou, Spring-eo? Shall I write, or shall I speak at this?
Signs of Spring
Flowers gently peeping up
Like a bird
From a maple
Reaching to the clouds
Ready for adventure
Ready to softly fly
On wings of wind
In the cool
Morning air
Crisp and sweet
The smell of the crocus
Who's flying
Higher than ever before
With me
And looking
For the friends
The signs
Of spring

Just try the gingerbread.


  1. Hi Ms. M,

    I DEFINITELY have the November Frost Flu. I hope you don't get it too...


  2. Oh, I totally have it. The gingerbread helped, though. Did you try it?