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Monday, November 30, 2009

the rain to the rainbow

Brr, it’s cold.
And rainy.
And wet.
And slippery.
And dark.
And dreary.
No fun.

Any of you out there like rain?
Oh, well, guess I can’t be the all mighty dictator of you and your minds.
Anyway, I’ll give you some information on it.
Rain, I mean.

Earth is Crying
Stare to the sky
The day was cold
Was wet
The clouds are gray
And dark
They threaten rain
Tiny drops
And drips
And plops
On the roof
It falls
The first plop lands
Turning my hair dark
And cold
I run
Run to cover
Run to shelter and warmth
The rain wants me to watch its dance
It starts
First drops
And more
They fall too quick to dodge
To quick to duck
Sheets of ice
Surround me
Making no sound
Rising up and down
Pulled back by the wind
Into the cloud
Into the dark
The cold
They collect their friends
And fall again
This time they drop
And hit my nose
My feet
I tilt my head
Stretch out my tongue
And wait for those drops
Of sky and earth and all
To fall
I drink
I sip
The earth is crying
But it cries with joy
And I know
That we must fill its joy
Help to carry that burden
And take it upon ourselves
To save our home

As the rain stops
The sun shines
A colorful arc shines in the sky
The earth is crying
But it cries with joy

Fine, I agree with you. Rain is alright.

After all, it does bring rainbows.


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    (long poem?)