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Saturday, November 14, 2009

big cheeks

Remember giant cheeks? (Hint: Look down!)
Yup. That's her.
Rosie doesn't even read yet (although she's starting to, I'm so excited!!), so she can't write great works of art, but I'm sure she will, so I'm writing a story for her. About her.

Baby Butterflies
Rebecca and Penny loved butterflies. They were purple and blue and pink, and they fluttered around their heads. But best of all, when butterflies were little, they were fairies. Rebecca and Penny loved fairies.
They stepped out of the big, yellow bus as she came home from kindergarten. Rebecca was so excited about telling her mom that there was going to be a field trip at school to the Butterfly Garden. Butterflies were her favorite thing in the world, except fairies, of course. The little girls hoped with all their hearts that there would be baby butterflies.
"Becky! Penny! Hey, Sweeties. How was your day?" their mom waved to them from the car.
"Mommy! Mommy! We get to go on a field trip to the Butterfly Garden tomorrow! Can you believe it?" shouted Rebecca, running to her mom.
"Oh, Sweetie, that's great!" Rebecca's mom smiled.
The two hopped into the car. They buckled up and stared out the window, watching carefully for a colorful flash of wings, anticipating the next day.
Rebecca stepped into her place in line as her class waited for the bus to come. She whispered to her sister, Penny,
"What do you think it'll be like there?"
"I think that the butterflies will be so beautiful," Penny whispered back with a sigh. The bus pulled up and there was a mad scramble for seats. Penny and Rebecca sat together in the front row. They waited and waited, staring out the windows.
"We are here!" yelled their teacher. Again, there was a mad scramble to get out. Penny and Rebecca were the first ones inside the big, tropical butterfly room. They ran ahead to see the blues and greens and yellows. They ran ahead to look for tiny wings, tiny flowers. But the girls found nothing. No tiny fairies were to be found. When would they ever get to meet a flower fairy if not now? Penny started to get worried, but Rebecca was convinced that there were fairies here. She ran around the room, towing Penny behind her.
"Come on! They're here, I know it!" she told Penny. They searched and searched until there was only fifteen minutes before the girls had to leave.
Suddenly, Rebecca heard a voice. "Here! Over here! I'm the one with the purple wings!" it said.
"Penny, I heard one!" Rebecca exclaimed.
"Heard what?" asked Penny.
"A flower fairy! Duh!"
"Let's look for it!"
"It's the one with the purple wings!" The girls dashed off in search of their prey.
"Penny, over here!" yelled Rebecca. She had found a flower fairy. Penny ran over to see a tiny winged girl. Her hair was white, with a tint of purple that matched her dark lavender wings.
"My name is Lavender," stated the fairy briskly. "What's yours?"
"Well, my name's Rebecca, and hers is Penny," answered Rebecca.
"Oh, no! That won't do! You have to have proper names. Flower names," corrected Lavender in her tiny voice. "What are your favorite flowers?"
"A rose," said Rebecca automatically.
"Well, mine is a poppy. Like the one's that put Dorothy to sleep," continued Penny.
"Perfect," said Lavender. "Rebecca, your name is now Rose. Penny, you are now Poppy."
"Cool!" they both said at once.
"Listen," said Rose, "could we take you home? We have a very pretty garden and I could set up a room for you."
"That actually sounds nice. I don't like it here much. It's the same every day. People come in, they stare, they go out. But I like you two. There's only one problem, could I take some friends with me?" chattered Lavender.
"Absolutely!" yelled the excited girls, smiling. "We'll take you home."
The End

Rosie's dream life. Fairies! Butterflies!

Funny faces!


  1. We love it!

    "Thank You Maia!" - Rose

    "Thank you Maia for writing a story that I had written" - Sadie

    "Butterflies are preeeeety" - Joey