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Saturday, November 7, 2009

gardening sisters

Deal with the bug. I think it's pretty. Therefore, um, deal, yeah, deal with the green caterpillar thingy. I held this thingy, you know. That was the same day I ate a whole clove of garlic. No, I'm not kidding.
Oh, gosh... I'm writing too much and Leo's sitting on my lap, trying to type himself or...? Who knows what he wants to do. Am I writing too much? I mean, it's my first day of being a blogger and having a blog, so I guess I'm just really excited. I'm boring you, right? Speaking of people (maybe) boriner34, sorry, that was Leo, boring other people, here we go.

Summer Swinging Trilogy
Book One: Bare Feet...so far

Summer vacation. Nothing to do. I have no camps, no summer sports, I definitely don’t have summer school, and even my dance lessons are off. Boring!
Anyway, my name is Summer. Summer Kay Wood. I’m 13 years old and next year I’ll be in 8th grade. I am an only child, although I wish I at least had a cat, but Mom is allergic. My mom is a teacher, and she teaches summer school, too. That puts Mom out of the picture. As for Dad, he’s never around at all. He’s an actor, so he travels a lot. He used to come home a lot for the summer and the weekends. But now, Dad’s on Broadway for the whole summer. I know I should be proud of him, but I’m actually kind of angry. I miss him and whenever (rarely) we get to talk on the phone, he’s, well, dismissive. Sometimes I wonder if he’s going to divorce Mom. If he’s—with someone.
My only condolence this whole summer is my garden. I garden. Everything I grow is absolutely organic, and because I grow it at home, it’s totally local. I just like to get my hands and feet dirty, you know, to get my mind off my troubles. One rule in my garden, you can never, ever, ever wear shoes in the dirt. Bare feet only. Period.
Back to boring. You probably don’t want me to talk about how stupidly boring this summer is, do you? So why are you reading this? Are you somewhere out there reading a book outside in your hammock because there’s nothing else to do? In that case, don’t. Go work in your garden and forget this book about a boring girl during a boring summer. Bye.
You’re still here. Do you even have a garden? In that case, go…to…you aren’t going to go are you? O.K., I guess I’ll just talk you through this nightmare starting with rules. I like rules. They structure my life so when this is a time of no structure, it’s nice to just have rules.

· As you already know, never wear shoes in the garden.
· Always make your gardens organic, it’s yummier and better for you.
· Grow flowers in your garden, too.
· Put a tarp on your compost or put it in a compost bin so you can use the healthy nutrients for your plants once it becomes soil.
· If you get a garden, learn how to cook. Cooking makes everything better.

See, rules are awesome. No, seriously, they inspire awe. No? oh, well. They do that for me.
So does gardening. In bare feet.

That's Bare Feet so far. Who knows where it will go next.

Speaking of gardening, I have a sister who loves to garden, and to cook, and to write. For those of you who don't know me, but have heard of Alana, who writes "Eating from the Ground Up", well, she is my sister. Just letting you know. Know that I gotta go!

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  1. Hi there, blogging sister here...definitely agree on the bare feet. And happy to see you spreading your wisdom over here!