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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

tigers for a 7 year old

How do you describe a tiger?
Many people in vision a tiger chases you and you run at top speed and then it suddenly catches you in it's jaws! That's an answer for some people.
Other people think of house cats. Big, striped, fluffy, cuddly house cats.
Still more see zoo cages or circus rinks.
I see this.

Tilli and a Trillion Stars
A trillion stars shot across the sky during midnight. Everyone everywhere in the world could see those stars. But in one tiny plain, in one tiny country, there was one tiny tiger who saw those stars as he took his first breath, and opened his eyes. His name was Trillion.

Chapter One
Do Tigers Ask Questions?
"Tilli! Come here Tilli!" yelled Tinnia Trillion the tiger loudly.
"Coming, Tinnia, coming," answered Tilli, Tinnia's younger sister, loudly. But, of course it would be a llong time until Tilli came. Tilli was interested in everything and anything. As soon as she saw one single type of bug she had never seen before, she had to be curious. She had to find out more.
Tilli could be interested in the sun. "Why does the sun look red and yellow and orange?" she would ask to her father, Daddy Tilnor.
"Because the sun is hot, very hot, and hot colors are red and yellow and orange," he would answer.
Tilli could be curious about herself. She would ask, "Mama Tilsa, why do we have noses?"
"So we can smell," her mother would answer. "Go and play now."
The problem was, the more Tilli learned, the more she didn't undersand, and the more Tilli understood, she wanted to know more. Tilli would ask questions that everyone knew the answer to. She would ask questions that no one knew the answer to. She would ask questions made up of words she didn't even know. But it was always questions, questions, questions. That's what Tilli was.

Chapter Two
Lilly Hollow
Tinnia waited outside Tilli's little exploring place, "Lilly Hollow". she didn't think it would take Tilli this long. But of course Tilli didn't come out. After fifteen minutes, Tinnia went in to check, just to make sure Tilli was alright. Tilli wasn't there. Tinnia knew Tilli well, and she thought that she had just gone exploring a little in the woods. She'll be back soon, thought Tinnia. I'll just wait here.
But Tilli didn't come. Finally, Tinnia went into the woods to check. "Tilli! Tilli! Tilli, come here!" she called, but Tilli didn't come."Tilli!" yelled Tinnia again as loud as she could. But Tilli didn't come. Tilli was gone.
Frightened and worried, Tinnia ran home to Daddy Tilnor and Mama Tilsa about Tilli. They were just as scared as she was.
Meanwhile, Tilli was exploring deep in the woods and having a marvelous time. She was investigating flowers, poking at bumblebees, and playing with ants. Once, as Tilli was exploring a flower, a trapped bee and come up from collecting nectar and pollen and had stung Tilli's nose. "Ouch!" yelled Tilli.
"Serves you right for trapping me in that flower!" yelled the bee curtly, and he flew away.
It was then, as she was tendind to her nose, that Tilli looked uo and saw her surroundings. She realized that she didn't know where she was.
"Hello!" Tilli called to the bee, to anyone. There was no answer.

Don, don, don!


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  2. It is good but the names of the characters are all very similar and lack diversity in letters (the letter "l" occurs very often) and I think that the names should more different so as to help distinguish between characters.