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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

two tigers

Where did we leave off?
Oh, right, Tilli was lost, and scared, and lonely.

Tilli and a Trillion Stars
Chapter Three
A Trillion Stars
Tilli was scared, very scared. She had wandered off from Lilly Hollow about an hour ago. She had walked and played, not at all looking at her surroundings. Tilli didn't have a clue where she was. She had, as she always did when she went exploring, that she was near Lilly Hollow, which was near home.
While Tilli tried to find her way out of the woods, Tinnia, Daddy Tilnor, and Mama Tilsa were all trying to find their way in. "Tilli! Oh, baby, where are you? Come home!" yelled Mama Tilsa's frantic voice.
"TILLI! Come on!"
"Come HOME!"
"Tilli, oh Tilli, come home!"
They all yelled at the top of their lungs, as loud as they could. The family scared birds off their perches, and ordered the tiny ants to scoot and run wherever they could, in all directions, making way for the stampede of tigers coming through. But no one answered. They searched until it was dark, but they always kept a careful eye on where they were, so they wouldn't get lost.
As the sun set behind the clouds, the tigers were ready to go home, feeling sad and scared. They turned, and, before they took a step, the sky blazed and shone and shimmered and sparkled, and a trillion stars shot across the sky.
"This has only happened once before, right?" whispered Tinnia.
"Yes, dear," answered Mama Tilsa quietly. "An only during the birth of the great, first tiger."

Chapter Four
North, South
At the same time that the sun set and the sky turned black where Tinnia, Mama Tilsa, and Daddy Tilnor were, the sky also turned black where Tilli was. And at the same time that a trillion stars shot across the sky where Mama Tilsa, Tinnia, and Daddy Tilnor were, Tilli saw a trillion stars, too. But when Tinnia, Daddy Tilnor, and Mama Tilsa heard the voice that was deep and booming loud say, "Walk due exactly South, follow this star," at this a huge, white star appeared in the South sky, "and you will find your daughter!", Tilli heard different. She heard a lighter, more softly spoken voice say,
"I am Trillion, the great tiger,"
"The great tiger," whispered Tilli.
"Go straight toward the brightly shining, blue star." Tilli's gaze drifted North, and she saw a dark blue star, "Soon, you will find your parents, then go East, and you will reach Lilly Hollow. Go, before the true night comes! Go!"
Tilli started running to that star in the distance. She ran to find her family.
Soon, Tilli saw a tree that looked a bit familiar. "Maybe I'm getting closer to Lilly Hollow," she whispered to herself. She kept passing more and more familiar places, until she got to the point where she could almost recognize everything she saw.
Meanwhile, Tinnia, Mama Tilsa, and Daddy Tilnor were having a problem. They didn't recognize a thing. But no matter what, they kept going South.

Chapter Five
It turned out that Tilli had been walking next to Tinnia, Mama Tilsa, and Daddy Tilnor for almost ten minutes. Tilli soon turned around to see her family, and they ran to each other, reunited.
After that, when they were all in the living room, drinking hot cocoa, Mama Tilsa announced something.
"I'm going to have a baby!" she said proudly, "That's why I wanted you to come before dinner, I was going to tell you."
Tinnia and Tilli were completely surprised.

In a couple weeks, Mama Tilsa had the baby. Well, actually, babies, she had twins. Their names were Tilila, and Tiloo. They were just as curious as Tilli.
The End

That is how I picture tigers.


  1. I love the alliteration of the names of the Tigers.
    Keep writing!!