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Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Guess what this is. No, not the picture, the poem!

Reaching for Clouds
The black mechanism
Looms toward me
As I walk from my door
I do not yet know its power
Its force
I climb the two silver rungs
Walk onto the machine
Of motions lyrics
I jump…

Suddenly I fly upward
Taller than the tree in my yard
The tallest pine
And oak and maple
Until I reach that unknown land
The pearly puffs of cloud
Twist themselves to form
White and tangled ropes
So that I may squeeze
And not fall to that machine
I reach out
I grab and hold
It disappears into the night
Gone with its friends
I fall
The wind whipping my hair
Across my face
I plunge
As tall as the tree
I grope with my hands
Grabbing a limb
Of the maple
Wanting to defy gravity
Save myself from that endless
Rhythmic motion
I can not stop this
Tick tick tick
I stare at the watch on my wrist
It tells me time and change
And it has only been a mere ten seconds
It feels as if days have passed
As I scrunch up my knees
Leap to this strange motion
In the air
I close my eyes
And drop to the darkness…

My eyes open
I am sitting on the black
The tears and the rips
The rusty springs
My fall was stopped
By some strong force
I stand again and jump
I know it will all repeat itself
But I face the challenge

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