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Sunday, December 20, 2009

ballroom blushing

Well, I don't have long but I thought I'd give you this little tidbit of Dancing with Thieves. It's fresh from the oven, I just wrote it a minute ago, literally.

Dancing with Thieves
Silence comes over the room. Mica is blushing, and he is staring at my chest.
“What about your, um,” he stops for a moment, hesitating, “you know, your, your breasts?”
“Right, of course, how silly of me,” I answer, staring back at him and smiling. For the first time I notice that his eyes are not a dull green, but shining, like an emerald. They glisten against his coal black hair. “Um, do you have any bandages?” I ask, my eyes still locked on his.
“Yes, I think, so, here!” Mica fumbles with a cabinet. He hands a roll of bandages to me. Perfect.
“Could I do this on my own?” I ask when he shows no sign of leaving the room. Mica turns red as a beet, and runs out.
Alone in the bathroom, I take off my nightgown. It is worn and tattered from the night’s events. When my thoughts turn back to that night, my face goes pale and I stand still, naked in Mica’s bathroom. My crimson lips twist into sorrow. I am quiet and still, reliving the moment. Only when Mica knocks on the door am I startled out of my trance.
“Coming!” I yell. I grab the bandages that I dropped on the floor and encircle my fully grown chest. The binding hurts a little, but I will manage. After all, I managed losing my gift. My power and strength.
“Diana, stop it!” I mutter to myself softly. I slip on my gown again and open the door.

By the way (this has nothing to do with anything) I saw "Wicked" today, on tour. It's my third time! I love the show, but I'll tell you about it later.


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