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Thursday, December 3, 2009

a pogo stick

Well, today's the day that I post the answer to "boingy boingy".
Sad to say, I got one comment. So, I'm giving this post up to...
Chris! (wild applause)
Chris (who just happens to be my dad) was the one contestant. I want to thank him very much for competing (unlike you!!) Sad to say again, though, he was wrong. The "boingy boingy" was not a pogo stick, as he suspected. Instead, it was...
I wrote that poem as I was jumping on my neighbor's trampoline. It was night, and I had bare feet so they got really cold. That must have triggered something in my brain to write a poem. Anyway, I talked to myself saying a poem, and it was originally ten minutes. But once I got inside, I wrote it down. Most of it, anyway. I forgot a lot of it, so I basically wrote a new poem.
I'm getting boring, aren't I?
Well, then, I'll leave you to your grief, and your guilt that you didn't enter the contest...
If you want to make up for it, then vote on my poll at the bottom of the page.


  1. Maia, you are a riot. Although my grief and guilt are all-consuming, I managed to vote in the poll (such a beautiful and inspiring post!) and I appreciated that you share with your readers your process for writing poetry. You'll always have an answer when asked, "How do you get your ideas." You know... for when you're famous!