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Saturday, December 12, 2009


Hey, guys. I haven't posted forever! But, you know, I've been pretty busy. December is the month of everything, literally. I'm rehearsing for a chorus concert, everyone's birthday is in December (by the way, happy b-day, Alana!), Christmas, trauma (I love you, Mrs. Wetherbee!), and bladi-blah.

But I also went to Chocolate Springs in Lenox and I recorded an improv song on the piano with my teacher. That was when the first real snow was, last Saturday. The song is called Snowfall, partly because the snow was falling pretty heavily, but also because it sounded like snow, I think. I think it sounded like this.

White stares back at me
Black follows the lead
They march
All straight in line
All perfect in formation
They dip
And swerve
Under my touch
And out comes the sound
The high
Melodious sound
Just as the snow falls around me
All around outside
Tiny flakes
I gently smile
And I listen to the low notes
To the high
That I play
Those keys
That I touch
And so I shiver
A recording
My beginning
The real beginning to the music
Trapped inside me
Wanting to come out
And it does
It finds a door
An opening
In my heart
And the music falls to the keys
Of the piano
Just like the tiny snowflakes do
As they drop
And hit the ground
In a snowfall


  1. PLEASE COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. This is absolutely awesome, Maia! You express yourself so fully and beautifully through music, words and images! It's great working with you on the piano!

  3. Dear Maia,

    very beautiful.....I am deeply touched and impressed by your duet with Jessica. I truly love to read your poem, please go on sharing your gifts with the world, you are a talented young person.

    Thank you Maia, Gisela

  4. I forgot to say, I am listening and reading to your gifts close to Hamburg, Germany......Gisela