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Monday, January 4, 2010

better get started

It's the new year. Many things come with that. A time to change who you are, and make you more you. A responsibility to grow. Resolutions. Sadness, and memories, of good and bad. But the new year also comes with a book. This one is from Mrs. Wetherbee, or, as we call her, "Toby•".

The Aspiring Poet's Journal. It's a new project for me. I feel like Julie Powell (from "Julia and Julia") or something. A poem a day for a year, of course I won't post them all, one a day, I'm an author, too. You can be both. So not every day. But still, I'd better get started.
The rules of today: Write your first poem of the year, using the words write, poem, first, year. Here goes.

A First in Your Eyes
I know this well
Not you
You sit there
Staring at your paper
Not like me
The words flow out
It is your first poem
Not mine
I've written for more than a year
I can't remember it all
Not you
You stare
It's a first in your eyes
Not mine
Then the pencil touches paper
It is a first in your eyes
Not mine

Enter your poems. They don't have to be long like mine, but enter still.
Thank you, Toby•, thank you so much!


  1. this does not count cuz we have no conversation as talking and if think it does i will hate u and defiantly never talk to u again. well any way u are weried

  2. can u please not make mean comments???
    by the way we made up

  3. Maia-
    your poem is AWESOME! You are awesome!!!!
    I like writing poetry too, but you are way better than me! I miss you a lot and can't wait till next summer when I will see you again!

  4. give me one of yor poems! comment it!!