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Sunday, January 10, 2010

breathe once

Well, anyway, I was writing more in my poetry journal. And we had to write an autobiographical poem. Autobiographies scare me. I mean, I know I have a blog and everything, but how are you supposed to write about yourself and your personality? How can you even express yourself in words that way? But isn't that why I became a writer? Life is the mystery that is waiting to be solved, but somehow we never want to solve it. The rules, the friends, the cries, they are all part of it. We don't want to let them go. But sometime we need to. Sometime we need to let everything go and forget and forgive. We need to strip down to who we are inside and feel ourselves. That time happens for all of us though, when we know nothing. All we feel is love. I don't remember feeling this, but I know it from photos and stories. And somehow I feel I will travel back there someday. Then I will feel it again, and remember.
The rules: Write an autobiographical poem about a time in your life. Here is mine.

Breathing Once
Water bursts
Screams sound
Dark places leave my mind
Filled only with love
For her
The curls
Damp and sweet
Her eyes
Brown and dark
And for him
Smiling as he never will
And never has
Teeth grinning
His nose against mine
I taste tears
And gulp in
The warm air
I will do it again
Many times
But for now
I breathe

And then Toby is coming back! Tomorrow! I just hope she'll share her poems with me.
I hope you will, too!

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