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Monday, January 18, 2010

a cappella

Sunshine! Sunny days! Warmth! See, even Isis is cold. 

Anything is all I ask! When I say anything, I mean anything, even a cappella. Actually, a cappella is one of my favorite types of singing. Maybe that's why I wrote about it. But who knows, I don't even know why I write. The words just pour out, I guess.
Anyway, you all know what a cappella is, singing without instruments. Are any of you musical, did you sing a cappella, or even sing in high school? Is there even anyone reading this? Oh, well, I hope so. This is one of the better ones (my story, I mean).
You're probably hanging on my every word, waiting to read it, because you know I have a gift. Then again, maybe not. The only thing that could help me know that you do like me, my writing, or my blog, is if you comment! So please, please be kind and tell me what you think. Good or bad, I just can't achieve my goal without feedback! I need it, people!
 And you need my story, my a cappella story, because I've been rambling on, and all you want to do is get to my story. I'll just stop, right he—

Of Notes and Rhythm [temporary title]

You have to know about Pathways. Pathways, meaning Niko, Aza, and Paige. Pathways, meaning the soul of this story. You have to know about them. Niko is tall and willowy, with waist length black hair and dark sapphire eyes. Her face is pointed and angular, with a small red mouth, and a husky voice that pours out when she sings. There is an air of sadness around Niko always. Everyone suspects that she just hates high school, which she does, but Aza is the only one who knows her secret. Aza has a round, brown face, and thick, shoulder-length dark brown hair. Her eyes are a bright sage green, the tips of her tall, stocky, and very slightly plump body. Aza prefers to wear dark, earthy colors that blend with her skin, but not her voice, which is liltingly high, like a nightingale. Paige is a little bit short, but not really, with a compact and energetic body, that makes her look much more hyper than she really is. She would rather take a walk in the sun, read a book, or sing with her smooth, somewhat low voice, too much like honey to be real. Her straight, strawberry red hair is cut to her normal chin, on top of a normal body with normal rich brown glasses that match her eyes. But none of them are normal. They are Pathways.

"Bozo," she muttered softly, as a fat, sweaty senior bumped into her. His green basketball uniform stunk of the boy's locker room. How could he have even made it into high school, let alone the basketball team? Then again, I'm not that far from a sucker, either, thought Niko Cherry.

Niko hated high school. She was a sophomore, sixteen, not obsessed enough to be worrying about college, and not stupid like she was last year, too amazed about the fact that she was in high school, when it was really this sweaty, stinking, drab and annoying place. At least, that's what she thought.

"Cherry!" A brown girl ran up to her, smiling. Aza was Niko's best friend. They had been friends since, well, the year before. She was one of the smartest kids in the school, sometimes even smarter than seniors. And she was the only one who could ever make Niko laugh.
"Aza, hey! Let me guess, A plus in Latin?" Today was the day that they got their grades for the semester, since that day was the day they left for spring vacation. Thank God, thought Niko.

"No," Aza answered, her face frowning. "Just an A. A plain, stinking A!" Niko laughed. She knew her friend was happy about her grade. "You?" Aza continued.

"Me? Latin? Um, I got a—a—fine. I got a D," grumbled Niko. She smiled and stopped in front of the many dreary, tan lockers in the hallway. "I have to put my books away, then we can go outside for lunch," she explained to Aza.
"Okay, I'll wait," giggled Aza. She never went anywhere without her books. Unlike Niko, she preferred to study during lunch. Niko would normally sit with her, complaining until Aza gave in and tromped down to the stage, and together hey sang in front of their imaginary audience, bowing and laughing.
Today, though, Niko planned other things. She thought that on the last day at Brendan High (at least until May) should be celebrated.
"No, you should put your books away. I have something special for us to do," Niko told her friend, smiling. Aza walked to her locker and threw her books inside. Then she followed Niko down the hall.
Niko took Aza to the theater, like normal.
“What’s so special about this?” asked Aza, gesturing to the stage, “We go here all the time.” Niko just smiled. Then she led Aza to the stage, still smiling.
“Um, Cherry, this isn’t special at all,” said Aza as she followed her friend.
“Wait, I’m telling you, wait,” answered Niko. She walked up the stairs to the stage, then behind the curtain. Aza, like always, took the shortcut backstage and opened the curtain. When she came back, though, there was someone with Niko on the stage.

“Cherry!” she called, “Cherry, who’s that?”
Niko didn’t answer. Aza was puzzled, but stepped closer until she was on the stage. There stood Niko, and a girl Aza didn’t know. Aza didn’t exactly care about the girl, but something in her brown eyes drew Aza in. They reminded her of hot cocoa with cinnamon in the middle of winter.
“Meet Paige,” said Niko.

Aza pulled Niko aside. “Paige, we have to talk for a second,” she explained.
Once they were on the edge of the stage Aza burst. “Why the heck is she here? I thought it was only us, forever. Only us and Pathways.”
Niko frowned. “But we need someone else. You can’t have an a cappella group with only two people! Look, just listen to Paige’s voice, then you can decide,” she shot back at Aza. Aza grumbled, but walked back.

“Fine then,” she said, “I take it you know all about Pathways, correct?” Pathways was the name of Aza and Niko’s a cappella group.

“Yeah, sure,” answered Paige. Her voice was soft and low.
Niko said this girl has a good singing voice, and it doesn’t sound like it, thought Aza.
“Sing,” she said out loud.
And she did. Paige sang like it was her last day on Earth, every word, and every note perfect. There was no instrument to tell her what key, nothing there. But Paige still sang. Her voice was low and gruff, but it was sweet, like a lullaby. Aza didn’t know what to think. She just stood still and listened, entranced by Paige’s voice.
Niko looked at Aza, smiling. She knew what Aza was thinking; Niko had thought exactly the same thing when she had heard Paige for the first time. Paige had been singing in the hallway, and Niko had noticed. She paid special attention to singing, especially since she thought that she, Aza, and now Paige were the only people in the school who could sing a cappella, and really sing it.
When Paige finished singing, Aza actually clapped, and she wasn’t one to give complements easily, this meant that Paige was in.
Paige smiled. It felt good to be finally noticed by someone. There was only one thing that she was worried about, because they would think she was a hero or something. After all, isn’t that what people do when they find out you have perfect pitch? She decided not to tell them for the time being, but knew they would probably find out. She forgot about everything, though, when Aza came over to her and shook her hand.
“Welcome to Pathways,” she said.

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  1. that is absolutely phenomenal. this is Kai ( from http://enteringtheworldofkai.blogspot.com... Kenzy Hargen-something something's friend.). I like to write to. that is really amazing!!! and the pictures are to! i like to photograph, i'm also twelve, and homeschooled. there are some photos that i took up on my blog, but they're not very good.

  2. That is the most wonderful thing in the world! Oh my god, i LOVE IT!!!!! It's really really really really good. You are an outstanding writer. Seriously. That is so GREAT!!

  3. thank you! it's what i go for :)

  4. ooh, p.s., isnt isis ADORABLE?????????????

    omg i love her and shes sleeping and purring on my lap right now and its SOOOOOO cute!!!!!!

  5. She IS cute!!!!! Luv animals. Btw, thanks for following my blog. :-)

  6. forgot to say, I am musical. I've never sang a cappella, but I do many plays and musicals. The biggest musical i have ever done was the Music City Christmas Spectacular (at Gaylord Opryland) --http://enteringtheworldofkai.blogspot.com

  7. hey maia, are you gonna do more of that dancing with thieves thing??? it's reeeeeeally good and i want to see how it ends!

  8. ok that is cool cuz i intruduced homescholl girl to u (kenzy) to u blog she follow me to before u ha~!!! YUNEED TO POST ONCE A DAY

  9. y? and she followed me at the same time, ha ha ha!!!
    y i post once a day?????????????

  10. kenzy, ya, i TOTALLY am, i just dk what to do yet, im kiinda confused on the conflict, i mean, love will happen, and boy, but i dunno waht else...
    any suggestions??????

  11. hm. (and yeah i followed both of ur blogs on the same day idk what first) this is totally just brainstorming here, and you probably won't use any of these ideas, but what if there was a really BIG thing that the thief people have to steal? idk. or what if there could be a way for the girl to get her power back? idk. or...... yeah idk. idk idk idk idk. but just keep writing!!!

  12. yeah, she is gonna get it back (i should NOT have told you that but whatever...), and i think i know that big conflict and everything now, i had it all planned out, then i forgot what it was and now i got it back, these things just take time....
    and i WONT tell u waht it is, hee heee hee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    btw, madi, i still no find me glasses :'( :( omg im kinda freaked but i hope i will.....