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Sunday, February 7, 2010

deprived of poetry

I just went out on a lake, a frozen one. It was really cold. Really, really cold. I swear that the windchill was about -15º F!

Anyway, I haven't posted for a long time. I feel bad...so now I'm making a commitment to posting at least twice a week, agree? Me too. And that means it's been a long time for you with no writing, that for me is sad. You can't be deprived of writing for any longer! I demand it! (So I demand that you read this.)

Night and Day
Silver as the moon
And velvet as a lady’s gown
That swishes in the sun
Her eyes
Unlike the moon
Are amber honey
Like the sun
Her brother
The sun
The hyper child
Racing down the halls
Yet when he sleeps
The sun does set
To reveal the moon
The velvet, yellow-eyed moon
Rises in the evening
As her younger brother sleeps
Her face
Touches mine
She curls
A velvet cushion
Dainty as a fairy

And this!

Pushed away
Into a corner
But loved
Loved by a tiny creature
Yellow, orange, and white
Soft, curly whiskers
Warm, sweet body
Heats me
His life
Ever so present
On my woven seat
As I sense this all
Commotion around me
Silence within me
The senses I have
But do not have
And the things
I long for
For taste, hearing, touch
For sight, smell
But I have one

Did you know I wrote that poem about this chair?

You have been deprived of poetry, and now you're not. Happy? Me too!
And I promise that I will try to post more, but only if you comment more...


  1. The Irregular GirlFebruary 8, 2010 at 4:54 AM

    AWESOME, Maia.

    (I have cats too. Currently, there are five in the house.)

  2. kenzy-thank you!!!!!!!!!

    irregular girl- i'm obsessed with cats, if you read my profile you'll find that i would rather marry a cat than a human. hee hee. i have three, but i want more. unfortunately, my sister is kinda allergic to cats, so we can't have long haired or a whole bunch of them, so..... but you r SO lucky!!

    and thank you BOTH for commenting...

  3. The Irregular GirlFebruary 9, 2010 at 4:28 AM

    Lucky. Ha. (I'm not the hugest fan of cats; a stray literally dumped them in our house. She's really pretty with long gray hair.)
    They cats we have are all longhair, and, actually, long-haired cats don't bother my mom's allergies as much as short-haired cats do, which is kinda counterintuituve. Maybe that's true with your family? I dunno . . .
    Some cats are hypoallergenic too, so maybe your sister wouldn't be reactive to those.

  4. Hi Maia - Your photo of the ice is gorgeous! Worth it to go out in that windchill to come home with a photo like that. ;-)

  5. Irregular- I LOVE grays!!!! I'm not sure about the allergic thing, so...

    Heather- Thank you! It WAS freezing, but i got some amazing photos of the ice and an island on the ice lake, and I do admit, it was fun! :)

  6. I really like the first poem, Maia!



  8. DYK (did you know) that this year, Valentines Day is Chinese New Year, too?

  9. madi- i haven't posted because i have the flu, and writing takes energy and i've been sleeping all day but i will post son, maybe today im sorry.
    irregular- yup, i knew :) i'm a tiger...