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Thursday, March 25, 2010

teary eyes

Some days we all cry. Sometimes there's no way to stop it. You just cry and cry and cry, not knowing what to do. By the night your eyes are swollen and you're tired and sad. But you got through another day, another night. Tomorrow is just a day. One more. But you only think of now. You know in the back of your mind that there will be something that goes wrong, but you ignore it. All you do on those days is cry.

A gentle wet springs up
The kind that burns
No way to sob
To shout
It slides down your cheek
Like fire down a mountain
Burning ash
As they pour
The drops sear your face
And a hiccup
Escapes from your mouth
A thin, quivering line
And you let go
Thinking only of now
Never the future
The fire ceases
As you breathe fast and heavy
Lying down
Standing up
Never knowing what will come next
And you protest
Sure you are right
Seeing only now
And sorrow
It stops all together
Except for the eyes
They tell everything you know
Everything you’ve been through
Lies and truths
Secrets to tell
And to keep
Songs and laughter
And now
Swollen eyes and shaking chin
You know that you will find some way
To live on
To face fears and problems
Life isn’t always perfect
And the tears show you that
Thinking of here and now
Nothing more to come
Nothing left behind
Crying is understanding
Like a rapid river from the falls
Always rushing
Always moving somewhere
But the little pools on the side
Where the animals drink
Content for the moment
Content for now
Even when you cry
You know it will be all right

Today was one of those days. But I know it will be all right.

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