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Sunday, March 7, 2010


I went on a walk today. The light was gorgeous. The air was actually warm-ish and I only had to wear my sweatshirt! But my point is that I went on a walk, because that's what my post is about.
When you walk you think, you take photos, you smile, you frown, it's your time. And when you take steps toward each other, you're braving your fears.

She lays there and cries.
I cry, too,
So I know how she feels.
I understand her.
I know she understands me, too.
We feel empathy,
We feel pain,
But we feel it together.
This thought is a comfort.
I get up and the bed creaks.
Her head turns,
The bed creaks again,
And she is in front of me.
We lean on each other,
We cry,
We miss the people who seem to be in front of us,
All the time.
We cry.

When you walk, you're trusting yourself and the ones around you.

Paw Prints
The grumble
The growl
Of contentment
Fills my ears
The warmth
The wet
Tiny nose
Then rustle
Then movement
And they reach
They stretch
So the warmth is gone
The cold returns
And they step
Full of quiet
Making paw prints on the blanket
Paw prints so soft
They are the breezes during summer
The paw prints come toward me
And they breath
Full of curiosity
Of warmth
And caring
My nose
Touches clouds
Or so it seems
I know who it is
I know when her tongue
Touches my eyelids
Softer than
The stars at dawn
Like a paw print
In my memory
That will stay there
Stay here
With me
And them

And when you walk, you know that all you are is you. Just you, adding all the regret, anger, love, fear, excitement, and grief. You are you.


  1. these poems are beautiful!!

  2. kenzy- thank you...i never know what to say when someone compliments me, so......thank you

    golden- me too

    madiliejane- huh?? c u tomorrow