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Sunday, April 25, 2010

over the west side

On Wednesday, I was in New York City. At 1:45, I was in the Palace Theater. At 2:00, the curtain went up.
My family and I had planned to see Billy Elliot, but...that didn't work out. Whenever we go to Broadway, we stand on the TKTS line, to get discount tickets. Billy Elliot sold fast, and when we got there, there were two options. One, get $90, high-up, and partial view tickets, or two, $300 orchestra seats. Neither one was going to work.
While we were on line, we had three choices. So right then, we went to our second choice, and chose to see the revival of 'West Side Story'.
That was probably one of the best choices I've ever made.

We all loved 'West Side Story', but it wasn't one of our favorites. The revival was spectacular, way better than any other version of it that I've seen. It was even partly in Spanish! And it was just amazing. I was hooked for the whole time, and by the end, I was crying. Seriously, it's such a tragedy.
Anyway, it was great. But I can't just blabber on and blabber on, so why don't I show you? Two ways.
One, in words:

This was my day.
Somewhere strange
A blue bed
More light then usual
A place I don’t know
Then I remember
I am here
Where I should be
At the moment, at least
So I pull the shade up
Letting sunlight stream through the window
Then I jump out
Slip from the door
And in the bathroom
Then back to my unknown room
And into my clothes
I am somewhere different
But this is right
So I keep going
Walk to the car
Then walk
And walk
And walk more
Carefully we choose
Make decisions
But the first
Is gone
So we go to plan B
But why be sad
So I push the twinge away
And enjoy this
And that was right
This is right
Days fly
Go somewhere
But no one knows
So I walk and I choose
And I choose and I walk
Where I should be

This was the show.
Red seats
Dark stage
The lights go up on one boy
Then another
And another
They laugh
Then fight
Two groups
One argument
And no way to break it up
Soon there is a dance
But there are two
One from each side
And they stare
In love
A bridge between the worlds
That night they see each other again
But must part
And a marriage the next night
One hand, one heart
Then there is another fight
And he is killed
The right hand man
So the first goes mad
Forgets his love
And kills the other first
He kills the one who killed his friend
He kills his lover’s brother
And she finds out
It seems like they will never forgive themselves
But love takes over
And they dream
Soon her friend comes
A sister to her
And advises her
Then there are questions and hardships
He gets the message that she has died
But she has not
So he runs
And he finds her
But not before there is one sound
A sound that shakes us all
The sound of a gun
The sound of a death
And her sobs
Our cries
He is dead
She takes a black veil
And the curtain closes

Two, in videos:

This one is 'America'. We saw Anita's (the main singer in 'America', and Maria's best friend) understudy, and she was amazing as well. This is the...non-understudy.

And this one is probably my favorite song from the show, 'A Boy Like That [Un Hombre Asi, in Spanish]/I Love Him'. The first singer is Anita, played by Karen Olivo in this video, and the second is Maria, played by Josefina Scaglione. Sorry that there isn't the action, but I couldn't find a good video of it.

Go to YouTube to find more.

And she leaves, singing...


  1. Wow. That must have been an amazing experience! :)

  2. Awesome! The movie was really good, and now i wanna see it on Broadway. :)

  3. eagle: oh, yeah!

    kenzy: the broadway show is SO much better than the movie...it has REAL, REAL feeling. Its amazing.