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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

quick quiz (post #2)

This is a quick quiz that I cam up with lately. I didn't want to have a huge, long post (new), so this is post # 2!
If you want to see how much you are like Diana, Larkspur (not-very-introduced character from 'Words'), Niko, Nevada, or Isabelle, then take this cool quiz:

Directions I: Answer each question—a, b, c, d, or e—as well as you can. If the answer is not correct, choose the closest one. Keep track of the letters that you answer. Then follow the directions at the end.

1. What is your personality?
a. Confident in yourself
b. Quiet and different
c. Unknown and shy
d. Sad and calm
e. Funny and curious

2. Where do you live?
a. A big city
b. A forest
c. A town
d. A small town
e. The country

3. How old are you?
a. 15
b. 12
c. 14
d. 16
e. 13

4. What is your favorite color?
a. Indigo
b. Green
c. Light blue
d. Silver
e. Red

5. What color is your hair?
a. Fire-red
b. Brownish black
c. White-blonde
d. Dark, pure black
e. Coppery, brown-red

6. How many siblings/pets do you have?
a. None of either
b. 2 siblings, no pets
c. 1 sibling, no pets
d. No siblings, 2 pets
e. 1 sibling, 1 pet

7. What do you want to be when you grow up?
a. A spy
b. A doctor
c. A baker
d. A singer
e. An actress

8. What is most important to you?
a. Exhilaration
b. The environment
c. Your family
d. Friends
e. Ending discrimination for race, religion, etc.

9. What is your favorite animal?
a. Fish
b. Birds
c. Dogs
d. Cats
e. Horses

10. What is your idea of a good weekend?
a. Traveling or doing something daring
b. Being outside most of the time
c. Reading the whole time
d. Practicing your singing, piano, or music
e. Going to a rally, protest, or march

Directions II: To find out whom you are most like, look below.
- Diana: If you answered mostly A’s, then you are most like the spunky, daring, and confident Diana from ‘Dancing with Thieves’.
- Larkspur: If you answered mainly B’s, that means that you are most like quiet, committed, and intensely different Lark, from ‘Words’.
- Isabelle: Answering mostly C’s means that you are very much like the shy, calm, and unnamed orphan, who calls herself Isabelle, from ‘Identity’.
- Niko: If you are reading this, then that means that you answered more D’s than anything else. You are most like Niko, from 'Songs Left Unsung' [my permanent title for 'Of Notes and Rhythm'] who is quiet, but funny, with big dreams.
- Nevada: If you answered mostly E’s, then you are very much like Nevada, who is a brave and curious young girl from ‘Turn Away’.

I am most like Larkspur...what about you?


  1. Apparently I'm like Larkspur the most, although there were a number of Cs in there . . .

  2. so am i :) you will like larkspur, who comes up in Words...eventually.

  3. I liked the quiz! I kind of had an even number of E's, C's and B's though. The question abut the siblings I couldn't answer, because I have 1 sibling and 2 pets (which wasn't listed as a choice)


  4. well...then you didn't read the directions, then. bad girl!
    you were supposed to answer the closest to you, i have one sibling and two pets, too, but i answered 1 sibling, one pet, because it was the closest one.

    take it again...
    now who are you like?