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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Tonight, I have a challenge. It comes from The Aspiring Poet's Journal. I did it, so can you.
1. Choose a word.
2. What and whom does this word make you think of? Write them down (along with the word).
3. Play with the letters of the word. Switch them around, see what you can make.
4. Find words that rhyme with it.
5. Write a poem using as many of the words that you came up with as you can.

My word was 'turquoise'.
My poem is 'Jagged Edges'.

Jagged Edges
Shining under the New Mexico sky
The color reflects it
As we reflect each other
Our differences
Are an infinite void
So blue
And so rich
That we seem to notice all
But know nothing
Under our skin
We are just the same
That makes jagged edges
On the outside
But a turquoise gem on the inside
And then there are those un-sanded edges
Still on the surface of the gems
There are little black lines
Cracks and strands
Tiny streaks
That cut and stop who we are
And make us different
But the differences are unique
We all have two sides
Good or bad
Most of us are neither
And we live with that
Live with the chips and the jagged edges
The un-sanded parts
We live under the poised, jeweled sky
We try to understand
And long for lines of black
To make us who we are
Jagged edges and all

Think about that. Notice your jagged edges. Notice the sides that are lopsided. Should they be there, or should you sand them off? Think for a moment, then decide.
Next think of the challenge. Try it. Comment.


  1. This is a really good poem :)! I am listening and you have a very good insight on poetry. I feel that I should keep my jagged edges. Jagged edges make me unique, i guess. Check out my blog sometime at fearlessfemthoughts.blogspot.com
    KEEP ON WRITING !!!!!!! <3

    Fearless Girl

  2. That *is* a good insight. I'll try that challenge!

  3. fearless girl: thanks...and yes, i'll keep on writing. and i'll chack out your blog. do you write??

    golden eagle: ok, and it would be great if you commented your poem or emailed me at aiamaysv@gmail.com!

  4. Yeah, i write poems and fiction stories... i put one or two on my blog so search for Princess Fantasy and The Storm. I'll try to put more!!! :)

    Fearless Girl

  5. That poem was so good! Do you remember Sophie (Tuna) who you spoke to on the phone last summer? I had her read one of your poems and she loved it! She writes poetry really well too. :) You two would like each other a lot if you met in person!!!

  6. I'm going to comment again:
    :)Here is my poem:


    The lights come up
    The spotlight clicks on
    The actors are ready
    They are waiting
    For a cue
    To start acting
    And reacting
    To what's going on

    But they are not themselves;
    For they are acting
    And reacting
    To what's going on

    And as the act goes on
    They show
    Not who they are,
    but who they could be

    And when the curtain finally closes
    They sigh
    But they are proud
    for they have shown
    Not who they are,
    But who they could be.