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Monday, April 5, 2010


We were given five words each. Mine:
• Skin
• Church
• Stoplight
• Plastic bag
• Siren
We each had to use five poetry devices. Mine:
• Metaphor
• Simile
• Onomatopoeia
• Imagery
• Personification
We each had to write a poem at least ten lines long. Mine:

Breathing hard
I have to get away from the church
Gasping, I remember
Booms sounded and the world was silent
They heard it
I heard, too
I was there
The roof fell on us
But I am away and must stay here
Sirens scream
They seem so distant, like plastic bags in the wind
But I keep running
No more bombings
For the color of our skin
I want to fight
But the peace that holds me down is too great
To defeat
I hate them all the same
I saw her
Before I ran
Her blood was a beacon in the grass
She was my best friend
People screaming and clinging to each other
The sky is so blue
The day so perfect
But it is wrong all the same
The noise
Fire so dark and high that it destroyed lives
But not hope
So I run across roads
Passing stoplights and signs
Finally I pause
And throw myself down to earth
To cry
Why anyone would do that I have no idea
I don’t understand
I never will
So I just cry in the Alabama summer mud
Squelching and sobbing
I want to weep until the world takes action
Weep until they see
That we are who were born as
And we can’t change that
There is nothing wrong with skin a different color
From them
I cry and cry
Just waiting
Waiting for hope

We each had to use them to form a poem. Write a story, cutting it down to the raw edges. Making sure there is nothing else to say. There isn't anything left to say. They are expression. You can't talk any more than you can ride a bike as you write. There is nothing to be said. Quietness and writing. Soft. Careful. Still, yet brimming over with unopened emotions, like a bulging letter stuffed to the back of your closet. That letter is so full of something. Something unimaginably beautiful. Something magical. Something I love.



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