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Monday, June 21, 2010


**WARNING** I'm having writer's block at the moment, so this post won't be great...but at least watch the video and read the poem. Thanks. Now to the post!
I like the color blue. It's not my favorite, but I like the color. Today, I'm wearing blue. I'm feeling blue. And my music is blue. Literally. I play the blues, or as I like to call it, the bluez.
I improvise, and when I play the bluez, something happens. I guess I just really like it. I feel like I'm breaking rules. But at the same time I'm "little-goody-two-shoes", and perfect. The bluez gives me something. I feel powerful and creative and proud. I guess I can't really explain it. Or maybe I can tell you in a poem...
My Blue
Laying my fingers over the white keys
I slither to the black notes
And let gravity take over
Pulling my fingers down
To punch out music
Weaving pattern of blue silk into the air
I play
And let myself go
Getting a sense of flying
Yes, flying
My fingers tingle and I have wings
Lifting me into the air
Dancing in the blue sky
Pulsing through clouds and swerving past birds
My other self
Sitting at the piano
Grows still
Except for my fingers
My flying fingers
And as my wings carry me to the ground
These fingers grow still
The last note played
They finally come to a stop
And my wings disappear
It’s over
But it can’t be
Not yet
So I close my eyes and remember the blue sky
Remember the rush of air
And I smile
A wide open smile
Thinking of only the blue
My blue
And this is my blue, in action.



  1. Your poem is great! Occasionally I just sit down at the piano and play (you know I don't actually play the piano) But you sound great!! My dad says you rock! :)

  2. why, thank you. :)

    this is random-ish, but i have 2 questions.
    • are you in richmond yet, or still in boston?
    • remember the idina menzel and bso concert that you saw when you got to go backstage and meet her or something (oh my god, SO jealous!!!)? anyway, she and the bso are at tanglewood next friday (which you probably already know...), and i was wondering what the concert was like, because you saw the same one in boston, right? ok...just asking. i'll email you, too.