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Thursday, July 1, 2010


On June 29th, I went sailing.
In my area, there is this beautiful watershed, called Lake Garfield. There's a little beach full of soft, white sand and then the lake: two docks, and a square of blue and white buoys roping in the area that younger kids can swim unsupervised. I had never actually been around the whole lake, not until I went sailing.
This was, technically, my first time. The real first time I went sailing, the wind level was force zero. Zip. There was enough wind to get us out to the middle of the lake, and we had to row back. Yeah, row back on a sailboat. Pathetic!
Anyway, this time, when my mom, dad, and our close friend (who owned the boat) went out to sail, there was real wind blowing us along. We got on the lake at around 7:00, and stayed out for the sunset, and way after. By 9:15, we had left the lake after
zig-zagging around the perimeter, the wind sometimes almost tipping the whole boat over!
But I still had something left to do. Before we jumped into the boat, I was running around in the water, my pants rolled up to my thighs, because it was so warm. The water was almost hot. Yes, hot. The air was cool, especially with so much wind blowing, and that made the water all the warmer.
So, it was 9:15, and I was going for a moonlit swim. It was freezing as I plunged in, but after the initial shock, the water was warm again. Lovely. I swam for as long as I could, and as my parents started going back into the car, I jumped out and grabbed the towel, running to join them.
And that was only a brief overview of my night. But to be more detailed I'm going to tell you in, guess what? A poem! Actually, two...Okay, okay, I always use a poem to describe an event. Deal with it. I like poetry. And, I think I'm pretty good at it...(that means: comment!)

Pulled Taut
On the edge of the dock
A little boat sits in the water
Swaying in the wind
I step into it
And it rocks and tips
But I stay steady
Ready for anything
The fierce winds
The responsibility
This is an adventure

The two flapping sails
Are pulled taut against the wind
And my smile
Pulled taut across my face
Full of joy

We float
The boat carrying us
To the center of the lake
To the edges and the shadows
Traveling the world
With me
The director
Holding the tiller
Telling the boat where to go
How to fly into the sunset

The two flapping sails
Are pulled taut against the wind
And my smile
Pulled taut across my face
Full of joy

Again the boat tips
All of us sitting on one side
To keep the little vessel from
Into the waves
And still I tell myself to stay steady
My father’s hand helping me guide the boat
The strong wind obeys us
We sail on

The two flapping sails
Are pulled taut against the wind
And my smile
Pulled taut across my face
Full of joy

We pull up to the little dock again
Tying the boat
Splashing in the warm water
And I know
It's not quite over
The two sails may lie still now
But my smile is still pulled taut across my face
Full of joy
This adventure will never end
The Ripple
I had to swim
Had to feel the warmth slide over my body
But the problem tugged at me
I ignored it
And swam
The moon was up
Shining over the surface of the water
As it swirled and swished
I dove in
Instantly feeling warm
Warmer than I was in the cool night air
And by the light of the moon
An adventure began
My white
Shining body
Twirled and danced
Beneath the surface of the waves
The water curling over me
The moon lighting my face as I dashed out
I was so happy
Like the rippling water
I danced as the water did
I was the water
The splash
The ripple
Footnote: I was quite mad that I had left my camera at home--but then again I probably would have dropped it in the water as we flew over the lake, so...I didn't take it. But the above photo is of Lake Garfield, frozen over: just a little fact.


  1. Love your poems! Especially:

    "The two flapping sails/Are pulled taut against the wind/And my smile/Pulled across my face/Full of joy"