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Sunday, September 26, 2010

okay, okay, i'm back

It's me...after too long. Again, there's just so much to do when you have nothing to do. You know what I mean?
Any moose, I have some pretty crazy stuff going on...I'm going to the Harry Potter midnight premier with some friends...I'm reading the Hunger Games series (LOVE THEM!!!!)...um, I went to a Taylor Mali workshop...started school...and lots of crazy otherness.
I don't know what to write. But there's a solution for that: whenever I can't write...I write.

Happy Ending
Once upon a time
We were friends
You and I
Once upon a time
There was love
And you
And me
Once upon a time
There was you and I
And then the story ended
Just ended
And there was nothing
The myth of a happy ending was gone
Is gone
And will never come back
It was a once upon a time
A you and I
Then a you
And an I
We are alone now
At least, we were
But today, I think
There will be a pen lying in wait for me
And under it a piece of paper
So I will write
And let go
Let go of the myth of happy endings:
Everything will end right
But it won’t
Not at all
It will only end right if you make that choice
And I choose to say
We didn’t

The Word Perfect
A word is a word.
It is said,
And unsaid.
And promised.
Uttered quietly under our breath.
But really,
We use words too much.
A bit of silence is all we need.
Just a little time to be who we are,
The part of us
That’s in silence.
And there is one word,
One, single word,
That should not be spoken.
And yet, it should.
It is not a curse,
Not a blessing,
But, in a way, it is both.
The word
No fancy of looks,
Or sound,
The word is just untrue.
Untrue and true.
There is a fact,
A fact that we all know,
Deep down:
Everyone has a little of both sides,
A little light and dark.
Everything does.
And perfect,
Well, perfect.
Perfect is just that.
I'd say this post was a perfect welcome back...