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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

a little melancholy christmas poem

The Shattered Ornament
Days are dark
Piled up to my shoulders
And higher
Pine needles
Littering floors
Happy faces
Shining lights
Flickering candles
Lit up behind frosted windows
And I think I'm trying to hide
From those trees
And the lights
And the ornaments
It must be true
Because I can't face the frosted windows
The shimmering candles
There is fire
In shining blue eyes
And ice in soft brown irises
Somehow I don't what to think
As winter comes
Songs and friends and family and love
And now my heart is broken and crushed
Hurting just like the ice
That coats my fingertips
I should be happy
With the simple pleasures that are mine
But nothing is left
I thought that I was smart
I thought that I knew
And Mother said I would cry
But here I am
And the tears are frozen within my heart
Within my shattered heart
I am the ornament that plummets to the ground
I am showered with pine needles
And whatever else I need
But none of them know
No one can know
But me
And yet so many people
Know just the same thing
So many are frozen and broken
So many shatter
I will not cry
Although I'm better as I do
But I refuse to shatter
For I am strong
Strong enough to live with this
So I will
And for now
Maybe just for now
I could try to be content with dreaming
And I will try
I am him
He is me
And I know nothing
I step in uncharted territory
But it is all wishes and dreams and fantasies
I am me
And only me
So I will take the truth in stride
And stay the girl that I am today
Happy Holidays!