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Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Need I say more than "preview"?
Actually, I must say more. Since this post is a preview to a short story that I'm writing that is not done yet but will be soon, I have to give you a little information. (This sounds like some sort of movie review...)

Robin Luce plays the cello. She wears funky clothes. She's on the track team. She can't dance to save her life. She's twelve years old and likes a boy named Solus Greine. Robin is just an ordinary seventh-grade girl caught up in an ordinary seventh-grade crush. But when Robin learns a secret that seems like she is destined for Solus, when they are dancing partners in gym class, when he starts sitting at her friends' table, and when he searches for her in the hallways, Robin begins to suspect that her first crush is more than ordinary. She knows that she is the heroine of a fairytale, until something unexpected happens between her and Solus. But Robin must learn that no matter what happens, there will always be sunlight streaming through the windows.

And here's a few samples, also like the movie preview:

Robin looked around at all of her friends’ faces, some concerned, some smiling, some annoyed, some anxious. On Robin’s right was Scarlet Caxon, her friend and the only other girl at the table who knew her secret. The secret about Solus. And there was Robin Luce herself, with her face a sprinkling of freckles and her red-brown wavy hair, looking sad and changed and happy all at once. She took a deep breath, set down her fork, licked her lips, and began. She told the story from the beginning.
A tall boy with dark hair whipped past Robin.
“Hey,” he said, slowing down. His face was long and his eyes were so dark, Robin was sure she would fall into them. His straight brown hair had a way of flopping into his eyes that made Robin’s heart beat faster. She didn’t know why.
“You’re Solus Greine, right?” Robin asked. Solus nodded. Though he had been in Robin’s school for a long time, at least since fourth grade, Robin had never quite made contact with him. Sure, there had been a few “hellos” here and there, but the two had never exactly talked.
“Well, um, I guess I’ll see you around, yeah?” Solus inquired.

“Yeah. Sure.” Robin answered.

Later that day, while Robin was in the back seat of her car, her thoughts turned to the tall boy she had met in gym class, and who she had seen again in two other classes. Solus. She liked that name. It had a sort of dark, secretive ring to it.
And though the sky was as white as a pearl and there wasn't a trace of the sun, she was sure that she felt the warm, yellow rays on her face. Robin was flying.

And now I'll leave you to wonder. Wait! What do you think? Comment!!!!
Okay, now you can wonder.

Wait! Wait! I haven't told you the most important part! Forgetful Maia. Any moose, the title is Little Rays of Sunlight. Okay, now you can go. And now you can comment, which I'm sure you've been absolutely dying to do...I hope...


  1. so, here is my preview for silk and sins:

    The most spectacular things happen in the most boring and dire situations. At least, that's true of stories, and especially the stories Genevieve LaLune grew up with. Things in her tiny town in the south of France turn weird for Genevieve when a fairytale she has always loved starts to unfold and turn real in front of her eyes. As the world of Harry Potter is made real, Genevieve realizes that Harry didn't leave the wizarding world perfect, and it is up to her and her newly made friends to ruin plots and bring order back to the world of magic.

    oooh! so dramatic! I love ur preview!!!!!

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