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Friday, February 18, 2011

this shadow

This is a quick, tired, I-really-need-to-go-to-bed-but-I-am-still-here-writing post, so brace yourself to get tired...or rather, un-tired.
This is an insomniac post. And this also is a creepy post...but then again, what isn't?
This is a poem. I think it's about my slight, not-really-here-anymore insomnia. I'm not really sure. Maybe this is about more. Or less. I don't know.

The Shadowed Place
Sweet, cold
With wishes and life and love
With the silent whispers of the crooning doves

With the hardship no one faces
Lying frozen in forgotten shadowed places

Down and always running from the things
You cannot see with blackened gaping wings

For sleep is a forgotten corridor
Lines with polished mirrors
With starless twisted doors
The night is only a moonlit scene
Glimmering on silver grass
Devoid of its every tinge of green

There is never a way to know
To dream of what is lost
And the price you’ve paid
Every coin and every cost

It is over
It is done
I lay in shadows
And wait for the sleep to come
This is when I say goodbye and close my eyes and wait for sleep to come.
This is when it snows and gets warm again.
And this is where I actually go...


  1. i can totally relate, too.....

  2. so....this is what u were doing that was so important that u couldn't talk to me and meet my friend.....:D haha. I will NOT see you soon I will be in SAN DIEGO by tonight...feel free 2 call me tho, and remember i am 3 hours behind...

  3. ok then...but i wont c u on friday :(
    i can't go because, obviously, i don't ski, but also that is rosie's bday, and she's having her party then so i have to go to that just because she's basically my sister.
    and i was also doing something else last night, fyi, family thingynesses.... :D
    c u next week!