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Thursday, May 5, 2011

discover: a story in pictures

On Saturday, your nieces' friends come over. And your dad and you take a little walk to the river behind your house—as an escape. But as you begin...well, let's just say you end up with everyone tagging along. That's you, your dad, and four grumpy little girls.
And of course, you notice that it's beautiful outside. And that your camera is at home. In your room. So of course you have to go get it. And once you're back to where you left everyone else, they're already long gone.
And of course, you end up running all the way down to the river, about a 20-minute walk.
But when you get there, it all pays off. You roll up your pant legs, turn on your camera, and begin.
It's beautiful, and sunny, and warm, and the water is ice-cold and wonderfully refreshing.
So is the mud.
Especially smeared all over your legs.
And your arms.
And your face.
Of course.
But not when you had to wash it off. In the ice-cold river.
Or when you were walking up, your feet squishing noisily in your shoes and your clothes caked and dirty.
Especially when your aunt—or your friends' aunt—is too busy taking self-centered pictures of herself for you to notice.
But her dad notices.
Of course.
And you walk up the hill. And into your house. And you sit on your bed, and change your clothes, and eat your dinner, and live.
But you're smiling,
because all the while,
all the insane, hilarious, beautiful, heartbreaking while,
you have been discovering


  1. I love this story in pictures! :)

  2. nice!!!! :) why is the while heartbreaking? i had a good day today. and i get to dance with the person i like in two days. but just as friends. which i hink may be better anyway. :)

    but: why is the while heartbreaking????? :(

  3. the while is heartbreaking for many reasons. it is a very long story. there is not time to tell it now. seriously, very long. long. long. story.
    and you probably wouldn't get it anyway, its very complicated. but yes, the day was heartbreaking. in a weird way. its hard to explain...
    obviously :D

  4. really... :D

    EMAIL ME????????? I wanna know!!!!!!