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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

distraction, dandelions, and sunlight

I honestly need a little distraction from my life right now, which is not going very well in many different ways.
Okay, that was, like, the understatement of the year.
Let's just say, for now, life sucks. In many indescribable ways.
So, last night, for a little break and a little distraction, I went for a walk, and took some photos...about two hundred photos. Which I have spent the last half hour editing and deleting and making awesomer (that's not a word, but whatever... :D).
And here they are, the shortened versions, for you.

First off, there were lots of dandelions on which I blew and blew and blew until—finally!—I blew it all off in one breath. And I made my wish. Somehow, though, I have a feeling it just won't come true.
On to a happier note, the dandelions looked really great with the dying sunlight, too.
The sunlight was gorgeous also, as you can tell, but here it is without the beautiful dandelions, just there and raw and glowing. Kind of like my heart, in a way.
And, of course, there were purple flowers and Rosie all the way, smiling at me the whole time.
Sometimes, I swear that it's people like Rosie who light up our lives, not the sun.
They certainly light up mine.


  1. So that was beautiful
    I am kinda almost crying right now for so many reasons
    but as you know,
    I am not cry-on-demand like my sister,
    even if i wish i were.
    and btw...why were you out today?
    missed you.

  2. we all need a little distraction sometimes. :)

    love the photos.

    can't wait until summer!

  3. no duh. :P
    so exciteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed