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Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I have one, single, crazy, apparently incomprehensible word for you:


a.k.a. vote. On the poll. On the right side of the blog. Below my ipod. There have so far been two voters. The others don't count because one of them was me and the other was a joke. So please, I want your feedback. Should I post or should I not post?

Vote. Comment. Email. Do whatever you want. But get that opinion to me.

And now, I'll leave, and you can go ahead and vote.




  1. hey maisies....thx for posting that merry sisters of fate website, I've been having a field day reading some of those stories :D they're so creeeppyyy!

  2. haha :D
    maggie stiefvater, one of the writers (the most recent one she wrote is "hel") was the woman who wrote the shiver books. she's amazing, and that's what lead me to that blog. if you haven't already gathered, they're all coming out with a book soon. and yes, i know, i'm awesome, and so are those stories.... :D