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Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Alright, here we go!
For once, for once for once for once, this will not be a poetry blog. Or a photo blog. Or a story blog. Or whatever-else-you-call-this-blog blog.
This will me a music blog.
Or, more specifically, a really good music blog.
And, even more specifically, a short post about three


A.k.a., ADELE and The Civil Wars.

First off, ADELE is a British singer/songwriter gifted with an unearthly, raw voice that, personally, has melted my heart and made me this close to crying on the school bus. On the school bus!!?? How close to crying can you get when you are sitting on a smelly, leathery, loud bus? The answer: ADELE. Confident in herself and what she does, ADELE is my new favorite, I must say. There is just something to her voice that pulls me in and makes me want to listen, something that touches parts of my heart I thought were long buried in a funeral that was never properly honored, something that worms its way into my mind and sticks, grabbing hold and never letting go, telling me over and over again to go back to my iPod and just listen. Just feel the pulse and rhythm of her music, the fervent power of her voice, and the heartbroken memory of her songs. And the one more thing I can say is: just listen. Just listen.

So, of course, I go and research ADELE, and I find her website, and her blog. And then, on the latest post there, I find more music. More amazing, wonderful, heartrendingly stupendous music. The Civil Wars, a couple (do not get confused; they are not, I repeat, not husband/wife, partners, or anything like that) without any backup band. It's just them, a guitar and a piano, and their voices. Joy Williams, the woman, consists of a striking beauty and an even more breathtaking voice, rich and husky with an undertone of silk, and love, and pain. The other member of the band, John Paul White, is the same, complete with Johnny Depp looks and a spectacular, throaty and heartfelt voice that astounds my ears—they make such a gorgeous, poignant pair that it just blows me away. But now, I'll stop rambling and let you see what the critics have been raving about.

ADELE's "Rolling in the Deep" from her latest album, 21:

And another of ADELE's songs, "Someone Like You", also from 21, starting with a little interview with the artist herself:

Next, "Poison and Wine", The Civil Wars' best song (in my opinion) with beautiful cinematography and a wonderful video-plot:

"C'est la Mort", The Civil Wars' french, beautiful love song filmed live to give you a taste of their hilarious performances:

Happy? Good, I thought so. So am I. I mean, how much happier can you get when you've got music...music like this?
Answer: not much happier than this.


  1. Oh cool maisies!!!! I luv the C'est La Mort hahahaha it's so funny in the beginning.
    "I'm playing. Look at me!"

  2. haha i did it!!!!!!! i spent half an hour trying to get the videos the right size! i am AWESOME!!!!!
    width: 430 px, height....something :P
    hahah they're great, rite?