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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

spread the word, please!

Hello to you all!
Yes, I know I just posted at midnight last night, but today I heard through the grapevine that some incredibly amazing authors are touring in the South! I, unfortunately, live nowhere near there, but those of you who do—my recommendation is to check them out, because from reading at least a little of their writing, or hearing about them, I know all three of these women are some incredible writers.
So, please, go check out Beth Revis's blog post (it's also on my list of blogs by the side...of this blog...) and hopefully go see them!
Maybe you can even write a short post about them and possibly win some prizes...
That is NOT what I'm doing here!! Okay, okay, it is—but I also do want to tell you about these wonderful authors, and some more I know I've told you about before, because it's not every day that authors like these write the kind of books they do.
And now, off to the beach! But sadly, not Ash to Nash.......

Monday, July 4, 2011


Even though I'm tired of trying, your teasing ain't enough. Fed up of biding your time when I don't get nothing back. And for what, and for what, and for what when I don't get nothing back? Boy, I'm tired.

I'm definitely going to agree with ADELE here. Very, very tired. Of trying, of working...obviously of posting. But for that I am sorry. I've been really busy, what with the end of school. And the beginning of summer. And trips to sort-of-faraway places. And life. You know, the usual.

But I did get time for roses.
And for photos.
And for a little poetry.

Thus with a Kiss
Seems so far away
Like forever
Just might be tomorrow
And today
I think
Is a thousand years away
But for now
Just this moment
Living here
Writing a little poetry
And remembering
Inside jokes
Being a little patriotic, sure
Being a little angry
And wandering off
Into the shallows
And the cold
And the dark
Off the deep end
Where I can’t touch the bottom anymore
And I’m floating
In an endless realm
Of black
In the space beneath my eyelids
And slowly
Because today
Not today, exactly
Maybe before
Maybe a million years away
But now
For now
I’m content without a photograph
Of your sunlight
I’m content without a photograph
Of sunlight
For now
I’ll stick with flowers
Unchanging, constant
And I’ll swear by the changing inconstant moon
Rather than my gracious self
The god of someone’s
No one’s
Or, I will not swear at all
And give thou mine before thou didst request it
For now
Being a little Shakespearean
Being a little tired
I’m letting you go
Out into the deep end
I will defy you, stars
And wade into the water
With a dram of poison
To kiss the lips I love
O, give me my sin again
Palm to palm
Our holy palmer’s kiss
And thus
With your kiss
Will I die
And be born again
From the rushing water
Starting anew
And letting you go
Wading out of the shallows
And into the muck
Of fair Verona
The love
The tragedy
Of fair Verona
And my little heart
For never was a story of more woe
Than that of this Juliet
And her Romeo
And I had time, while staying up all night with some certain friends, to do a little writing. (Another reason I'm very, very tired, along with the barbequing and swimming and whatever else I did today that I just can't remember...)

It's called Saying Red and this is a little teaser that I am posting without the permission of my friends, but I think they'll be okay. I hope. Anyway, here's the mini teaser you've all been waiting for:

Water: the last thing I saw before I jumped. The same water I had lived in for almost my entire life. I remember seeing it stand so still, so calm, before I dived in. It was bright blue and it shimmered, symmetrical to the sky above it.

And then I leapt.
Happy Fourth of July, for those of you in the U.S.! (Although it's technically the fifth now...since it's just after midnight. But whatever...)