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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

spread the word, please!

Hello to you all!
Yes, I know I just posted at midnight last night, but today I heard through the grapevine that some incredibly amazing authors are touring in the South! I, unfortunately, live nowhere near there, but those of you who do—my recommendation is to check them out, because from reading at least a little of their writing, or hearing about them, I know all three of these women are some incredible writers.
So, please, go check out Beth Revis's blog post (it's also on my list of blogs by the side...of this blog...) and hopefully go see them!
Maybe you can even write a short post about them and possibly win some prizes...
That is NOT what I'm doing here!! Okay, okay, it is—but I also do want to tell you about these wonderful authors, and some more I know I've told you about before, because it's not every day that authors like these write the kind of books they do.
And now, off to the beach! But sadly, not Ash to Nash.......


  1. i posted again!!!!
    and please, people, spread the word by blogging, telling other people, posting the widget, facebook, whatever. these are some wonderful authors.


  2. I don't live close enough, either . . . *sigh*