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Thursday, September 22, 2011

gossip street

Gossip Street 
There’s an alley
Between Happiness Road
And Judgment Lane
That’s bright
And fluffy
And crawling with shadows
They seem to seep
Into the bricks and cobblestones
But in the doorways
And idling in shops
Are tiny floating
Kind of shiny
And too clean
Inside, the houses are a little grimy
And a little run down
And a little cheap
Plastic chandeliers
And underpaid butlers
But who cares, right?
When it looks so good?
No one bothers to think
About the people living on the streets
Sleeping in elegant
Faux-marble doorways
And whispering to each other
How counterfeit
Everything looks
They laugh
About the artificial lives
Built up
Inside shiny, squeaky
And they smile
Thinking of how
Real their own lives are
They would rather live
In between the lines
Sleeping on the cracks
And ripping them open
Letting out more shadows
One by one
And more lies
Two by two
More rumors and hurt
And synthetic love
Three by three by three
And the people
Living these ersatz lives
Turn their heads
From the realities
They see living in their doorways
Letting out the shadows
These spurious
Stupid people
Look away
And close their eyes
Hide their faces
With cupped palms
Calling out to fellow ersatz lives
Carving out their spiderwebs
Dipped with dew and hidden
Behind a wall of jewels
They whisper to the people
They call friends
Rumors they have heard
Things they don’t believe
Tales about the people
Sleeping on the cracks
Letting out more shadows
Onto Gossip Street

 More to come. I promise.