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I don't really know how to start this. I mean, how does one tell others about themselves? How am I supposed to describe me? I think the only way you can attempt to understand at this moment is to know me the way I know myself—through poetry:

Finishing the Story 
I start where the lights grow dim
Where the pencil shavings fall to the floor like tiny jewels
I start as you say hello
The first greeting, and I begin to function
I start when the dream ends
When the magic
The fantasy
The incomprehensible red pencil that writes for itself
That writes for me
I start anew when my eyelids pop open to find whiskers
A pink, triangular nose
Surrounded by fur
Staring at me
I begin and I end like the pages of a book
Unknown until the cover snaps shut and you say
Why can’t there be more?
Maybe I am that more
The more that jumps into action as your fingers touch the keys
Black, white, and sharp
And that is when I start
That is when I wake
When the story ends
And all that is left
Are the questions
That is me
And I will never end
Only begin
Begin where the story ends
And finish it

There. Was that enough?

Now that you know me as me, I'll tell you the little things. The details everyone else knows. :)

I'm the kind of girl whose favorite color is green, for starters. And silver. And yellow. And purple. I really like a lot. I used to think my favorite season would be spring—because of the beauty, the flowers and the new beginnings and the love—but now I'm pretty sure it's fall, which reminds me and grounds me and inspires me. Fall brings out the true me in me, I guess.  
I'm the kind of artsy girl who writes as much as I can, every place I can, and I doodle along with that. :) I photograph more than I draw, though, and own a little tiny pocket digital. Still pining for a better one. Ahhh, someday. I love to sing and act, too, and I'm not afraid to do it in public. I've acted in Shakespeare plays for six years (I did Hamlet when I was eight...) and love it to death. I also play the piano and write songs, as well as play covers. I don't usually play classical stuff, though I am in a jazz band. And, most importantly here, I love to write. Writing fills up my life. Without it, I'm not sure what I would be. I write poetry and stories—novels and short stories—and everything else. I read, read, read, read all the time, everything I can get my hands on.

I'm the kind of girl who would marry a cat if it was legal (Is it? Legal? To marry another species? :D) have three cats (all of whom you will see here), called Isis, Leo, and Arti. Isis is soft, gray and unbearably sweet. Her brother Leo is outgoing and sleepy, cuddly and hyper. Arti, the other one, I don't usually photograph, but you might see him somewhere. He's very sweet and kind, and snores—yes, snores—like a dump truck. Seriously. I also have a very large family (all of whom I live with) including my much older sister, her husband and their two daughters, as well as my mom and dad.
I'm the kind of girl who yearns and hopes and dreams to see her novels in a bookstore one day, who randomly breaks out into song in the school hallways, who wears striped tights and shorts in the winter, who reads more than most people can stand, who choreographs her own dances because she's too free to deal with the restrictions of a dance class, and who is here to share with you herself, down to the bare metaphorical, twisted, silken, gloriously, laughingly wicked bones. 
I don't think there's anything else to say, other than the fact that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE commenting, and followers, because I really want to get my writing and photos out there. So please become a follower and give me your feedback by commenting. And if you're shy, then just email me at 


Finally, now that you know all about me, you can step into my own little paradise...